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“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”


12 Easy Ways to Boost Your Confidence

When you’re feeling low, self-confidence can seem like an alien concept: hard to achieve and even more impossible to maintain. But it’s essential to self-belief and self-worth.

With this free guide, you’ll get 12 proven tips to help you feel more confident and happier in yourself.

Find out how even small changes can result in big shifts…


Maybe you have been planning your next steps for some time. Maybe you know what you want. But if not it can be demoralising, frustrating and disempowering when you feel like you’re just treading water, day after day, while knowing that you only get one life…

Realising where you are stuck is the first step to building the awareness you need to begin to take action towards creating a more fulfilling life, with confidence, purpose and joy. 

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Well, hello there

Welcome! I’m Genna, an accredited and certified Co-Active life and leadership coach specialising in women’s confidence, purpose and joy, both in your life and career.

With over 20 years’ coaching and personal development experience, I’m insightful, supportive, friendly, hooked on learning and love life. I’m also passionate about empowering women, just like you, to play bigger in whatever matters to you.

Every week I speak to intelligent, creative and caring women who put their lives, dreams and careers on the back burner to raise their children and now, with their kids being more independent, they are left feeling unfulfilled, sometimes resentful, unsure of who they are or what’s next. 

If that sounds like you, then I have great news… This is your chance to rediscover your sparkle, inner confidence, self-love and lust for life to create a life and career (if that’s what you want) that bring you purpose and joy – it’s never too late!

My clients have curiosity, courage and a commitment to take action, and it’s worth every bit of it. This is the start of your path to meaning and fulfilment – to waking up happy…

Here For You

Rediscovering You. A Two-Hour Treat

You deserve this: time exclusively for you, to put you first. Whether this is a gift from someone who cares about you or a treat for yourself, join me in an inspiring 1:1 insight session to rediscover your sparkle, purpose, confidence and joy. We'll begin to explore a vision of a life and/or career that lights you up, and give you some starter tools to make it happen. This is a taste of my four-month programme, and will leave you feeling enthusiastic, positive and energised about what's possible for you in your life and work.

Shine Brighter.
Your 1:1 Personal Coaching Programme

This is a deep-dive, personalised four-month programme to make big things happen. We will take Rediscovering You to a whole new level. Get clarity on how you want to show up in your life and work, broaden your horizons, build your self-awareness and confidence, develop your career, create impactful results, and reawaken your self-love, motivation and essence. Discover the best of you and what makes you happy, fulfilled, valued and purposeful.